We build powerful MAGNETIC SEPARATORS (up to 21.000 Gauss): we produce both the raw material (ferrite, neodymium) and magnetic separation systems.


We combine power with innovative mechanical engineering, resulting from reserch and development.


More magnetic efficiency


New generation engineering: going beyond the limits of old-generation magnetic systems, we keep your plant secure.


Thanks to more solid structures (up to 1,5 times) our systems have a more than double wear resistance at a lower weight.


Our machines and magnetic systems also comply with ATEX requirements for zone 21 and 22, in all sectors where specific safety criterias are required.

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WHIMS – Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

The WHIMS separator is a magnetic separation machine used in wet separation processes to treat fine grain materials which are smaller than 1.2mm or 200 mesh. These fine grain materials include red mine hematite, limonite, manganese ore, and ilmenite. The WHIMS is also used to treat magnetic minerals including quartz, feldspar, nepheline ore, and kaolin. This system removes impure iron contaminants in order to purify the treated minerals.



The Balance 2 Drum Magnet features a maximum 10,000 Gauss magnetic power drum magnet that can achieve the highest market performance. This drum achieves more than twice the wear resistance of other industry-standard drums which is due to Magnetense’s unique “BL2” balancing system. The BL2 is designed to be easily assembled and tested. 


The RO and FLY magnetic rods are newly “reinvented” rods that have been specifically designed and built by the team at Magnetense. The RO models have a magnetic power of between 6,500 and 12,000 Gauss and the FLY model achieves a maximum power of 14,000 Gauss. The RO and FLY rods are made from high grade neodymium with single section mechanical structures and no moving parts. All rods have exceptional wear resistance which is more than double industry standard and which contributes to long-lasting efficiency.

Overband “Shark” and “O.va” models

The Overband Shark and Ova magnetic belts have been uniquely designed to include a combination of ferrite and neodymium magnets. Older generation conveyor belts were generally only fitted with ferrite magnets. This new belt design enables producers to reach more than 5507 Gauss along with a 10 per cent lighter structure when compared to other industry-standard overbelts.

HMF Electromagnetic filters

The HMF electromagnetic filters are used in wet process separation of para-magnetic minerals found in quartz, feldspar,silicates, calcium carbonate and kaolin. The flow-rates are engineered in accordance with customer requirements. 

  • 1500 Gauss; viscosity 500 max + 50 micron ferromagnetic;
  • 2500 Gauss; viscosity 500 max – 50 micron iron;
  • 5000 Gauss; viscosity 1000 max;
  • 10/20.000 Gauss; viscosity 1000 max;

MAG Dry magnetic separators

The MAG Dry Magnetic Separators include the 1.10/15 and the MAG 3.10/15. Both machines have been designed and manufactured to de-iron a range of sand materials. This includes paramagnetic minerals such as hematite, biotite, ilmenite which are easily captured by Tiger Pulley’s powerful magnets.
The MAG 1.10/15 and the MAG 3.10/15 magnetic separators are specifically calibrated to remove fine iron particle sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1.8 mm.



The Gravity Feed, Pneumatic Pipe and Electric Pipe magnets comprise a specialist mechanical structure that guarantees higher than industry standard wear resistance. The structure is made from high grade neodymium which allows users to achieve 20% per cent more power than our older generation pipe magnets.


The Tiger Magnetic Pulleys have a diameter of 300mm and a working height of 1500 mm which gives these pulleys a much higher capacity than lower height and diameter machines. These features are combined with an exceptional magnetic power of 12,310+ Gauss that is in contact with the surface and which allows the magnetic rollers to practically catch any magnetic particle or paramagnetic mineral. Nothing gets past the Tiger!


The ROL Magnetic Pulley is manufactured with double cross poles which helps the system to reach much higher magnetic power than standard industry separators. The ROL is fixed with Magnetense’s ‘Track’ fixing system which guarantees close to unlimited efficiency and resistance.

“PLV1” MAGNETIC PLATES (Milling sector)

The PLV1 Magnetic Plates add an entire new dimension to plate design and use. The aesthetically pleasing PLV1 has exceptional wear resistance and separation efficiency of between 15 and 20 per cent more than our older generation systems. The PLV1 is also equipped with magnetic shielding to help mitigate workplace accidents.

PLV2 MAGNETIC PLATES (Mining sector)

The PLV2 Magnetic Plates add an entire new dimension to plate design and use. The aesthetically pleasing PLV2 has exceptional wear resistance and separation efficiency of between 15 and 20 per cent more than our older generation systems. The PLV2 is also equipped with magnetic shielding to help mitigate workplace accidents.


The Batex Magnetic Textile Bars achieve 25 per cent more magnetic field power than our older separation systems. This finding was reached following tests conducted on 11 devices formally installed in clients’ systems and now with the Magnetense bars. The Batex bar also achieves a better separation of iron, even with the same magnetic field, than standard industry magnetic bars.



Magnetense is a world class producer of affordable and high quality magnetic systems.

Established in Italy in 2000 to meet the growing demand for reliable and robust magnetic systems, Magnetense today is a world leader in the efficient design, build and distribution of state-of-the-art magnets, magnetic systems and consultancy services.

Products provided by Magnetence include ferrite/neodymium magnets; manufacturing; and production of magnetic separators such as drums, rolls, plates, overbands, pipings, filters, rods, bars and textile rods.

The Magnetense cost advantage is its team of engineers are responsible for the entire research, design, build, manufacture and global distribution of all products and services. This control over the entire business model means operating costs can be kept to a minimum so product charges to end users are competitively priced.

According to market research, the Magnetense magnets are very powerful ad efficient. Magnetense can remain at the forefront of efficient R&D due its team of dedicated engineers. Unfortunately in the marketplace there are many companies that promise unreal results which they can’t achieve: a simple measure of the magnetic field created by their system debunks their claims.

Approximately 80 per cent of claimed performances by competing businesses are untrue and unfounded because their standard separation systems are unable to achieve the precision required by customers.

It is common for magnetic system manufacturers to promise magnetic performances based on calculations in a closed circuit or through the incorrect use of an instrument; however, physics is not made of fairy tales.

Customers who choose to purchase and install Magnetense products are reassured that declared performances are real and this makes the difference because in a magnetic system, power is what matters the most.

Power is our brand. Our magnetic systems can boast exceptional and measurable performances.

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