Our “Ro” models (from 6.500 to 12.000 Gauss) and our “Fly” models (up to 14.000 Gauss: among the most powerful magnetic candles available on the market) are constructed using high grade Neodymium and they have a single section mechanical structure without hidden moving parts.


The advantage for you? Wear resistance and efficiency that does not drop over time (and if you use them into food industry, they completely avoid bacteria sedimentation).

Magnetense is a company that, since 20 years ago, deals with technical consultancy, ferrite magnets manufacturing, neodymium magnets manufacturing and production of magnetic bars and magnetic candles.

We build among the most powerful and efficient magnets available on the market and are manufatured to be installed in our magnetic systems.

In our business, only very few companies are both raw material and magnetic systems producers, controlling the whole production process, even the innovation side.

Barra magnetica

This doesn’t necessarily mean that our magnetic separation systems can’t have a competitive price: we can afford it because we take care of everything.

Our “RO” and “Fly” magnetic rods surely stands out among the magnetic systems we propose: both from the mechanical and magnetic power point of view, they are among most innovative products we construct.


CEPI Spa (Italy)

Purchase Manager
ing. Luca Ceccarelli

1. What product did you purchase?
We installed the first supply of neodymium rods that you supplied to us, and we found that magnetic performance was improved.

2. What result did you get?
Your rods are able to develop 13,500 gauss in contact with pipe and 14,250 gauss on the outside.

3. Would you recommend us?
Yes. I recommend you because you offer outstanding magnetic performance.


“Ro” and “Fly” magnetic rods offer performances up to 14.000 Gauss.

Magnetic power depends on the customer’s goal: we always recommend you to pay attention not to purchase under- or over-dimensioned magnetic rods compared to your needs.

The declared performances are not only nominal (as often happens in this business, where many companies guarantee magnetic performances calculated approximately).

The performance we offer (up to 14.000 Gauss using high grade neodymium) is real and demonstrable (calculated by the bare gaussmeter probe in contact with the surface of the magnetic rod). 



Some companies constructs magnetic rods designed and built using hidden moving parts:

1. punchings;
2. weldings;
3. closing caps in the heads.

Punchings and weldings can lead to some operating problems: unsolderings, rod breakups, unbalanced operation, change in operating efficiency and plant downtime.

Closing caps can lead to serious hygienic problems due to raw material sedimentation in the conjunctions and, in some cases, could lead to breakage or explosion of the rod itself.

Magnetense offers only single section rods, without punchings, weldings or heads closing caps, ensuring maximum durability and efficiency.

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Manager Head of Technical Department

Mr. Valter Garbi

1. What was the problem?
We had no particular problems. The reason for changing supplier was the possibility to reduce supply costs.

2. What product did you purchase?
Magnetic rod for our chargers.

3. What result did you get?
Following a comparative technical test, we found your product to have greater magnet efficiency.

4. Would you recommend us?
Yes, we would.

Up to 14.000 Gauss in contact (verifiable)

Single section “Ro” and “Fly” models

Excellent wear resistance


“RO” assures a magnetic power going from 6.500 to 12.000, depending on the customer’s needs and separation target (measured in µm).




“Fly” magnetic rod is surely our most powerful model (and it is one of the most efficient magnet candle on the international market).
It allows an exceptional magnetic separation (more than 14.000 Gauss) and it is able to catch 1,5 micron particles.


Beccaria S.R.L.

Manager Head of Technical Department

Purchase Manager
Sig. Paolo Massano

1. What was the problem?
Iron remove from mill feeders.

2. What product did you purchase?
Neodymium or ferrite sticks with a 32 Ø and 200 length.

3. What result did you get?
The desired results.

4. Would you recommend us?



Manager Head of Technical Department

Engineering Departure

Mr. Vito Lomorno

1. Qual era il problema?
Non avevamo una buona separazione del ferro.

2. Quale prodotto avete acquistato?
Candelotti magnetici e anelli al neodimio.

3. Quale risultato avete ottenuto?
Un aumento considerevole della separazione magnetica, con la conseguente soddisfazione dei nostri clienti.

4. Ci consigliereste?
Consigliato per la competenza tecnica e per la gentilezza.

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