Automatic loading system for jointing machines of tin lids, bottoms and rings of any format and size,witha speed up to 1.500 lids per minute. The machine is loaded manually or automatically by the unwrapper and conveys the lids to a station or mechanical feeder.


MAGNETENSE BIS ITA designs and manufactures magnetic tracks and pulleys used for handling and conveying all ferromagnetic components from one machine to another or to another department. Magnetic tracks can be constructed with an inclination from flat to ….° by applying permanent Neodymium NeFb or Ferrite magnets. Magnetic pulleys are installed in belts and conveyor systems.


We build magnetic heads used to palletize/depalletize any metal component. They van be installed on palletisers/depalletisers, Cartesian axis robots or anthropomorphic robots.

The system is designed and engineered to receive the container from the filling line and place them on pallets that will be stored for labelling at a later stage.

Then the pallets return to the robot, which will depalletise the containers and send them to the secondary packaging line.

Magnetic head is made by a simple steel or stainless steel structure, the magnetic grid inside is driven by pneumatic cylinders that allow its movement. Those accessories are made by permanent magnets, in particular ferrite or neodymium permanent magnets.

The system is tailor made and it is studied and designed to use the available space in the best way.

Various types of magnetic heads, to be chosen according to the type of container such as metal cans, jars, glass bottles, etc.

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