In a magnetic system, power is the main thing

Magnetense is an engineering and manufacturing company.

Magnetense produce both ferrite and neodymium magnets used in magnetic separation systems serving the following industries:

  • Mining

  • Milling and grain

  • Wood

  • Textile

Magnetense manufacture powerful and efficient magnets and we use them in our magnetic systems.

We manufacture magnetic systems achieving higher efficiency compared to traditional ones in terms of magnetic field intensity (Gauss); in terms of material efficiency and, above all, in terms of iron absorption capacity.

Our clients will achieve higher results in less time.

To sum up:
we build the most powerful and efficient magnets on the market and we use them in our magnetic systems.


Magnetense is different to other magnetic separator businesses because it:- designs and builds powerful and efficient magnets;

– conducts ongoing research and design into magnetic systems;
– talks with clients before, during and after purchasing;
– provides industry-standard warranties on magnets;
– provides proactive support for customers;
– installs the magnets in their own magnetic systems;
– refines systems to comply with global occupational health and safety standards.

In the magnetic separation sector there are only a few companies that control the entire production process. Only some can boast that they produce magnetic raw materials and manufacture magnetic systems and Magnetense is one of them.

Magetense manufactures the ferrite and neodymium magnets that are used in their magnetic separation systems. Their staff conduct raw material research and then develop, produce, build and test high-efficiency magnetic systems.

Staff also provide technical advice to people in companies who have bought standard magnetic systems from competitors and, unfortunately, Magnetense staff always encounter the same problem which is weak mechanical structures.

Standard products available on the market are offering very low magnetic performances as. 9.000 Gauss where it is required an effective magnetic power of 12.000 or 13.000 Gauss and use materials unable to best exploit the effective magnetic flux.

With Magnetense’s consulting services the business aims to provide the best magnetic performance for all customers. Power and efficiency are achieved by their systems which translate into more efficiency and power available for your processes.

To maintain the Magnetense promise their magnetic systems include:
1. Magnetic efficiency that is 25 per cent higher than competitors’ magnetic systems
2. 3D designs to consider each efficiency dispersing factor;
3. Taylor-made design on the base of you process needs



– Magnetic system performance assessments
– Plant design consultations and drawings
– Field surveys
– Application assistance
– Design of 3D magnetic systems and machines


Customer benefits include:


 – Magnetic efficiency;

– New generation engineering: going beyond the limits of older generation magnetic systems to increase your plant safety and secure continuous production.

– Thanks to stronger structures our systems feature more resistance with lower structural weight;

– Our machines comply with areas 21 and 22 ATEX standards for in all applications where specific safety criteria are required.

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