In a magnetic system, power is the main thing

Magnetense is a technical consulting company and produces both ferrite and neodymium magnets, which are used in the construction
of magnetic systems for the following industries:

  • Mining

  • Milling and grain

  • Wood

  • Textile

We build the most powerful and efficient magnets on the market and we use them in our magnetic systems.

Unlike a standard magnetic system, built with a low profile contribution and poor magnetic performance, we build magnetic systems that can guarantee you a magnetic efficiency 30 % higher than a traditional magnetic system, not only in terms of magnetic field expressed in Gauss and in terms of material efficiency and, above all, in terms of iron absorption capacity.

To you this means more results, faster and with fewer errors.

To sum up:
we build the most powerful and efficient magnets on the market and we use them in our magnetic systems.


In this sector, there are a few companies that operate both as raw material producer and magnetic systems constructor, controlling the whole production process.

We are manufacturers of ferrite and neodymium and we use them in our magnetic systems for magnetic separation.

Raw material research, development and production are aimed at high-efficiency magnetic systems construction.

We often offer technical advice to companies that have purchased standard magnetic systems from other suppliers  and we always have to deal with the same problems:

  • Weak mechanical structures;  

  • Standard products offering very low magnetic performances (i.e. 9.000 Gauss where it should be necessary an effective power of 12.000 or 13.000 Gauss.);

  • use of materials that do not guarantee the best exploitation of the effective magnetic flux.

In addition to the consulting service, our goal is to provide the best magnetic performance to our customers.

Power and efficiency mean results to you.

Unlike a standard magnetic system, to keep this promise, an efficient magnetic system have to guarantee:

  • A magnetic efficiency 25 % higher than a common magnetic system available on the market;

  • 3D design to calculate every single efficiency dispersive factor;

  • production of the magnet applied to the magnetic systems so that it can be designed, from the beginning, for this purpose.

Services we offer


    • Field surveys and consulting for applications and plants;


    • 3D design  of magnetic systems and machines;


    • Construction  of new generation machines and magnetic systems.


Advantages for you


    • Magnetic efficiency up to 25 % higher compared to common magnetic systems (compared to the machines of 22 former suppliers of our customers)

    • New generation engineering: going beyond the limits of older generation magnetic systems, we keep your plant secure.

    • Thanks to more solid structures (up to 1,5 times) our systems have a more than double wear resistance at a lower weight;

    • Our machines comply with ATEX standards for areas 21 and 22 in all areas where specific safety criteria are required.

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