We build among the most powerful electromagnetic filters for dry and wet separation in the market (up 20.000+ EFFECTIVE Gauss). 


These are the most technologically advanced magnetic systems that we can offer for separation.

Magnetense is a company that, since 20 years ago, deals with technical consultancy, ferrite magnets manufacturing, neodymium magnets manufacturing and production of magnetic separators.

We build among the most powerful and efficient magnets available on the market and are manufatured to be installed in our magnetic systems.

In this industry only few companies produce raw materials and magnetic systems, control the entire production process and develop their R&D.


Our Electromagnetic filter Type HMF-D, stands out among the magnetic systems we produce: it is one of the most innovative product both from the mechanical and magnetic power point of view.

It can separate weak magnetic oxides and crumble-like ferrous rusts from fine powder materials.

It is used to purify the materials in the non-metallic mineral industries, like ceramics, glass and refractory material, the medical, the chemical, the foodstuff and other industries.

Technical features:

  • Simple connection: The main engine is vibrating during operation. Connected with the pipe or the canvas bag, the material can be fed into and discharged from the equipment.

  • Separate and remove the uneasy flowing fine powder. Under the effect of the vibration motor, the material, which is <200 µm or with high umidity, can go through the screen mesh.
  • Process the material with high temperature: the standard model can process the material with 70° C; while the special model can process the material with higher temperature.
  • Easy installation: you can install the equipment in any way, as long as the frame is safe and stable.
  • The magnetic filtering net can be cleaned easily: a plate is laid at the discharging outlet to gather the separated mineral and at the same time, turn off the power to demagnetize for the cleaning operation.
  • Separate the ferrous pollution and the material thoroughly: the material definitely has no way to go into the separating chamber.

Our “Electromagnetic filter” surely stands out among the magnetic systems we propose: both from the mechanical and magnetic power point of view, it is one of the most innovative products we construct.


Our HMF electronic magnetic filters are used for paramagnetic minerals separation during wet processes for minerals such as quartz, feldspar, silicates, calcium carbonate, kaolin.

These are the most technologically advanced magnetic systems that we can offer and can reach a power of 20,000 Gauss.

The flow rates are engineered according to customer requirements. 


  • Remove the impurities and purify the non-metallic minerals, like silica sand, feldspar, kaolin, etc.
  • It can also be used in other industries, like to deal with the wasted water in steel plants, power-generation plants, and to cleanse the polluted chemical raw materials.
  • Technical Features: Special design of the electromagnetic coils Oil & water compound cooling way with high efficiency
  • High gradient at the nodes of the magnetic media with better performance
  • Low energy consumption, completely automatic operation, low costs of operation and maintenance.
  • The brake valve is durable and the switch is smooth Assisted with vibration motor and high pressure water rinsing, it can remove the ferrous impurities effectively without residue.

The magnetic media adopt the high efficient and inductive stainless steel, which has no residue magnetic power after power-off and can remove the impurities easily.

Here are some examples:

  • 1500 Gauss; viscosity 500 max + 50 micron ferromagnetic
  • 2500 Gauss; viscosity 500 max – 50 micron iron;
  • 5000 Gauss; viscosity 1000 max;
  • 10/20.000 Gauss; viscosity 1000 max;.


Up to 20.000 Gauss (verifiable)

Tecnologically advanced

Excellent wear resistance

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