We overcome the old concept of magnetic overband:  our newer generation “Shark” overbelt are equipped with a combination of ferrite and neodymium magnets that allow you to achieve exceptional magnetic performances (up to 5.507 Gauss at 0 mm gap: it’s impossible for a common magnetic system)… and 10% lighter.


Keep your plant and your business safe and you will benefit from a tax deduction of 20 % for the purchase of magnetic systems resulting from research and development



CEPI Spa (Italy)

Purchase Manager
ing. Luca Ceccarelli

1. What product did you purchase?
We installed the first supply of neodymium rods that you supplied to us, and we found that magnetic performance was improved.

2. What result did you get?
Your rods are able to develop 13,500 gauss in contact with pipe and 14,250 gauss on the outside.

3. Would you recommend us?
Yes. I recommend you because you offer outstanding magnetic performance.


Our “Shark” overbelt offer up to 5.507 Gauss at 0 mm gap magnetic performances (magnetic power depends on customer’s needs).

ATTENTION, PLEASE: the declared performances are not only nominal (as often happens in this business, where many companies guarantee magnetic performances calculated approximately and in non-operating conditions)..

The magnetic performances we offer (up to 5,507 Gauss using a specific combination of ferrite and high grade neodymium) are effective and demonstrable (those are calculated by the gaussmeter’s probe in contact with the overband surface).

Vulcanized overbelt strips are extremely robust, providing greater wear resistance to the belt (normally the weaker part of the overbelt).

To provide an additional wear resistance, we reinforced the side structures (sometimes severely stressed by the continuous use of grinding machines or by extreme working conditions or by weather conditions) and the diameter of the shafts.



Manager Head of Technical Department

Mr. Valter Garbi

1. What was the problem?
We had no particular problems. The reason for changing supplier was the possibility to reduce supply costs.

2. What product did you purchase?
Magnetic rod for our chargers.

3. What result did you get?
Following a comparative technical test, we found your product to have greater magnet efficiency.

4. Would you recommend us?
Yes, we would.


Beccaria S.R.L.

Manager Head of Technical Department

Purchase Manager
Sig. Paolo Massano

1. What was the problem?
Iron remove from mill feeders.

2. What product did you purchase?
Neodymium or ferrite sticks with a 32 Ø and 200 length.

3. What result did you get?
The desired results.

4. Would you recommend us?

How to buy our magnetic separation systems?

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Up to 5,507 Gauss with contact (“Shark” model) and up to 1,773 Gauss (“OV.A” model)

Ferrite and Neodymium
(Model “Shark 3”) and Ferrite (model “OV.A”)

10% lighter
(higher wear resistance)


Our “Shark 3” overband guarantees a 5.507 Gauss magnetic power, depending on customers’s needs and customer’s separation target. This magnetic system weight (the whole machine) is 10 % lighter than a common overbelt.


Our “O.VA” overbelt uses ferrite magnets and it is able to reach a 1.773 Gauss (at a 0 mm gap) magnetic performance. It also allows an exceptional magnetic separation.



Manager Head of Technical Department

Engineering Departure

Mr. Vito Lomorno

1. What was the problem?
We did not have a good separation of iron.

2. What product did you purchase?
Magnetic pulleys and neodymium rings.

3. What result did you get?
A substantial increase in magnetic separation with the consequent satisfaction of our customers.

4. Would you recommend us?
We recommend you for your technical expertise and courtesy.

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